About JWCS

  • Our Vision Open or Close

    The JWCS’s vision is to have a platform for women and children in the society providing education, training and more in order to create a balanced self sustainable society that is healthy, educated and cultured.

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    The JWCS hopes to provide a safe and healthy environment for children to learn and grow while providing a productive and empowering training facility for the underprivileged women in the Jericho and Jordan Valley rural society.

  • Our Values Open or Close

    Since first and foremost, the JWCS considers education as a primary source for community development, in addition to proficiency in order for a person to be independent and self sustainable. Our values lie in fulfilling our needs to rise up as a community and society and have a brighter future despite the restrictions of the Israeli occupation. 

  • Accomplishments Open or Close

    Since the JWCS has been established for over 53 years, the Society has passed through many phases. The interest of the JWCS towards enriching women and providing a safe place for their children; in fact, the society has provided a nursery two kindergartens and a primary and middle school for the promotion and fostering of children’s education. The founding group of women that established the JWCS focused on schooling women in the Jericho society, their idea was to provide a calm environment where women can be nurtured and taught in many fields without worrying about their children, thus the JWCS decided to open their first nursery. With the passing years the children grew and the founders decided to evolve the nursery into a kindergarten and after 20 years the JWCS wanted to provide their children with excellence in learning hence the inauguration of the primary and middle school in 1986.

    In addition to the primary vision, the JWCS has developed projects and provided many educational services for the women by giving several vocational trainings for them in Palestinian embroidery, honey farming, establishing house productive gardens, tailoring, beauty parlor courses, computer courses, cooking and more.

    Finally in 2016 was established the program of legal and social services for women victims of gender based violence (GBV) in the Jericho and Jordan Valley. The aim is to keep our vision of providing and maintaining the psychological health of the women in our community and giving the legal knowledge of their rights and guidance they need in their life.

    The program provides social and legal counseling for women suffering from GBV. The specialized lawyers on our team can provide legal services and take cases to court on behalf of the women free of cost. And the social workers on the team can provide assistance within their expertise and carry awareness campaigns. This empowers women to step forward, demand their rights and access justice. Moreover, by providing mobile legal and social clinics we tackle the issue of remote areas where we bring the service directly to the women in need instead of waiting for them to come to us.

    The JWCS has been working relentlessly since 1963 for the improvement and development of our society. It has been providing education and training for many different layers of the society and has aimed to empower women socially and financially. We hope that the work of the JWCS keeps improving with more partnerships and future projects that will fulfill its vision and goals.

  • Strategic Objectives Open or Close

    The main aims of the JWCS are firstly, to create a balanced family: economically, physiologically, and healthfully. Secondly, the JWCS hopes to elevate the status of women in society and give her the chance to be a decision maker, in addition to empower them financially, socially, culturally and healthfully. Thirdly, the JWCS hopes to increase the educational level in the society and improve the social solidarity of the community.

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    Administration Board Members
    Hayat Al Dajani Hanan Nathif Naela Buseleh Rukaya Takruri
    President Vise president Treasurer Secretary
    Members Of The Board
    Wafa ‘ Al Kadi Ne’meh Erekat Basmeh Erekat Fadwa Husseni Dr. Iman Anani
    The Executive Director
    Abeer Nashashibi
    The School Director
    Khaled Darwish