JWCS Departments

  • Nursery Open or Close


    In accordance to the JWCS policies of empowering women in the working sector, a child-care center was established for infants between 40 days and 3 years old so the mothers could go to work relieved that their children are well taken care of.  There are about 15 children in the Center supervised by two well trained caregivers.


  • Kindergarten Open or Close



    1 – New Generation kindergarten (Jericho): established since 1963, it holds 100 children distributed over 5 classes of K4 and K5 grades. It is supervised by the head master and five qualified teachers.






    2- New Generation kindergarten (Auja): established since 1973, it holds 38 children distributed over 2 classes of K4 and K5 grades. It is supervised by the head master and two qualified teachers.


  • School Open or Close



    JWCS School: established since 1986, it now holds 350 students from first to ninth grade divided over 15 sections and taught by 25 qualified professional teachers in addition to the head master and an educational advisor.


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  • Food Production Open or Close



    There are two sections in this department; the production and the training. The production section offers a wide range of dried food, picked veggies, jams and pastries. In addition it offers a broad variety of traditional dishes made on demand and supplied to the local community. On the other hand, the training courses are offered to women who are interested in cooking and for a different amount of time each time depending on the demand.


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  • Beauty Parlor Open or Close

    The department has a beauty shop and a 9 month long training course for young women supervised by a certified professional beautician.


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  • Heritage Center Open or Close



    The JWCS has supported the handcraft made by women and was keen on developing it by offering training to women in traditional Palestinian embroidery and marketing the products. This sector has economically empowered women by giving them the chance to work from home and provide for their families.


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  • The Legal And Social Aid Program Open or Close



    The program was opened in March 2016 with the support and funding by our partners the Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counseling (WCLAC). This department aims to relief and guide abused women in Jericho and the Jordan Valley by giving them a platform of social and legal aid. The department is composed of two trained social workers partnered with two specialized lawyers forming 2 teams of social and legal aid.  This project will develop to include mobile stations of aid toward the more remote areas and villages in the Jordan Valley so help would reach victims more easily.

    The creation of the program will comprise providing specialized trainings for the staff in capacity building, facilitating, guidance, deep analysis of society culture, and legal training. In order to keep our service optimum in providing legal and social help to the women in the area, the staff undergoes specialized supervision. Our work also extends to holding awareness meetings for men and women in legal and social rights over the region, and providing brochures containing legal information for easier access of the information to the community.

    Our services will be provided in the headquarters of the JWCS in addition to the permanent locations chosen in the villages of the Jordan valley for easier access to the women. Since the JWCS promotes collaboration with the other women’s societies in the region, we hold our awareness lectures in different locations belonging to peer organizations, to further distribute our message and benefit a larger audience. In our vision, empowering women starts with knowledge, knowledge of their rights and their prerogatives. Thus we build a platform where the whole local society has the basic insight and comprehension and is standing on equal footing for them later to step forward in claiming equality, fairness and improving their rights.

    Some of the topics that the program may work on and provide its services for the women of the region are; alimony, divorce, custody, dowry, financial rights and compensation for divorce cases.

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